Join KLUB Kool-Aid Days and Become Part of a Community Tradition

Kool-Aid Days has become a bigger and more beloved tradition in the Tri-Cities region every year since its inception 1998. This year, we expect Kool-Aid Days to lure thousands of visitors to the Tri-City Area, bringing over $2 million in other revenue to the local economy during festival weekend. Now, for the first time, members of the community can give back to this Nebraska phenomenon by joining KLUB Kool-Aid Days.

In Need of Your Support

Admission to most of Kool-Aid Days is free, and our contest entry fees, game/ride tickets, and Kool-Aid Days Kollectible prices are kept very reasonable, down to our iconic $2 mug that gets you all the Kool-Aid you can drink. One of Kool-Aid Days’ primary goals is to provide affordable access to everyone, yet ask companies and individuals to contribute to keep the festival healthy and growing. Kool-Aid Days provides an ideal combination of community pride, economic development, and family fun deserving of your support.

As the festival thrives, we depend even more on support from people like you to pay for up to 40% of our growing expenses, yet produce a festival grand enough for “Kids of ALL Ages!” KLUB Kool-Aid Days is a great way for you to contribute to the success of Kool-Aid Days and get some unique benefits for you and your family, too!

KLUB Kool-Aid Days memberships make great gifts, too! Just imagine the look on children’s faces when they find out that they’re going to a private party with Kool-Aid Man and that they’ll be the first to play this year’s carnival games.

As a member of KLUB Kool-Aid Days you will be invited to the exclusive KLUB Kool-Aid Days Sneak Preview Event on Friday evening during Kool-Aid Days at the City Auditorium. The sneak preview will include exclusive photo opportunities with Kool-Aid Man, free Kool-Aid, hamburgers and hot dogs, first chance to play the kids’ games, and an opportunity to purchase the full selection of Kool-Aid Days Kollectibles in a relaxed environment. Each member of KLUB Kool-Aid Days will receive an official membership designating them as genuine fans of Hastings’ most-popular festival!

Membership Levels

FRIENDS – $25/year

Receive an invitation to attend the Sneak Preview Event for 2 individuals, plus 20 game tickets, and 2 current Kool-Aid Days mugs.

SUPPORTERS – $50/year

Receive an invitation to attend the Sneak Preview Event for 4 individuals, plus 40 game tickets, and 4 current Kool-Aid Days mugs.

BACKERS – $100/year

Receive an invitation to attend the Sneak Preview Event for 6 individuals, plus 60 game tickets, 6 current Kool-Aid Days mugs, and a Kool-Aid Days Birthplace Tote.

PATRONS – $250/year

Receive an invitation to attend the Sneak Preview Event for 8 individuals, plus 80 game tickets, 8 current Kool-Aid Days mugs, a festival T-shirt, and a Kool-Aid Days Birthplace Tote.

BENEFACTORS – $500/year

Receive an invitation to attend the Sneak Preview Event for 12 individuals, plus 100 game tickets, 12 current Kool-Aid Days mugs, two festival T-shirts, and two Kool-Aid Days Birthplace Totes.

To order your KLUB Kool-Aid Days membership, please click here to download the full-color brochure, including the order form or order online in the Kool-Aid Store.