Responsible Corporate Citizenship

Just as social service organizations nurture the body of our community, not-for-profit festivals like Kool-Aid Days nurture its soul and spirit — enriching our lives and connecting us to a broad spectrum of entertainment and culture. Such events and the lifestyle amenities they bring improve our quality of life and enhance our region’s appeal as a place to do business. These benefits and the impact of spending by Kool-Aid Days and its guests make a significant contribution to the economic development of south central Nebraska. Research done in 2008 sampling over 200 families attending Kool-Aid Days showed that 50% of our guests come from outside of Hastings and 20% of them come from over 100 miles away. The second figure is considered significant from an economic development point-of-view because those visitors tend to spend more money on shopping, lodging, and other hospitality services.

The Foundation can’t keep Kool-Aid Days affordable and family-friendly without significant contributions from individuals, foundations, government and businesses. Kraft Foods provides a generous contribution each year, but their sponsorship still only pays approx. 20% of the expenses. Although we are very fortunate to receive the support of other generous organizations and individuals, we must depend on private businesses to rise to the challenge of good corporate citizenship and donate as much as they can in order to keep growing Kool-Aid Days into a festival that makes increasing cultural and economic contributions to the region.


Marketing Opportunities

Thousand of guests will attend Kool-Aid Days in 2019 and we hope for  a significant increase this year due to expanded marketing and publicity in regional newspapers and travel publications. Based on national averages, a family attending a festival like Kool-Aid Days spends $7 at local businesses for every $1 they spend at the festival. In gratitude for your support, Kool-Aid Days offers a number of programs to promote your company’s name, products and services to festival guests. Depending on the level of sponsorship you choose, we offer branding opportunities throughout the festival, on our website, and in advertising and brochures — from event banners to logo placement. Some categories include a complimentary promotional booth on the downtown festival grounds on Saturday and individual event sponsors are prominently featured in their event’s marketing. All sponsors receive one free entry in the Kool-Aid Days Parade and one free entry in the Kool-Aid Kardboard Boat Races.


Employee Benefits

Supporting Kool-Aid Days provides both tangible and intangible benefits to your employees. Having a successful summer festival in the area nurtures an environment which attracts and retains employees. As well, packages of complimentary game tickets, commemorative mugs, golf tournament entry, and other premiums (depending on sponsorship level) offer many direct employee benefit options.


Thank you to our 2018 Kool-Aid Days Sponsors!


Home Federal Bank

Hastings Federal Credit Union

Centennial Plastics

Dutton Lainson

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