Kool-Aid Days History

2018 Wild, Wild Watermelon

2016 Purple Power Logo

2017 A Very Berry Kool-Aid Days Bash

2015 Keep Calm

2016 Purple Power

2016 Purple Power Logo

2015 Keep Calm and Kool-Aid On

2015 Keep Calm

2014 Truly Tropical

2014 Truly Tropical Stamp

2013 Sweet Sixteen


2012 Still Rockin’



 2011 Peace, Love & Pineapple

Kool-Aid 2011_Final (Revised)

2010 Keen on Green


2009 Feelin’ Groovy


2008 Goofy for Grape



 2007 Kool Ruby Jubilee


2006 Get Wet With Kool-Aid

Get Wet Logo for shirts


 2005 30th Birthday Bash

2005-Kool-Aid Birthday

2004 Kool-Aid on Ice

2004-Ice Logo


 2003 World’s Largest Kool-Aid Stand

2002 Kool-Aid Celebrates 75 Years

2001 Magic Celebration

2000 Koolenium

1999 A Kool Celebration

1998 Celebrating Nebraska’s Official Soft Drink

2 thoughts on “Kool-Aid Days History

  1. donniesha breed

    can you guys bring back the mystery flavor , clear kool aid, kool aid ice & create a raspberry lemonade flavor Texas . it would be awesome to have vintage kool aid flavors as limited editions just to see if its a demand for the flavors . thank you

    1. Kool-Aid Days

      That would be awesome – however, you reached the Kool-Aid Days festival in Hastings, Nebraska which celebrates the invention of Kool-Aid. Your request should be sent directly to KraftHeinz customer service. Keep Smiling!


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